Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Painting Tilikum Crossing in the rain October 18, 2016

Painting in the rain in Portland Oregon. The clouds get darker and darker until John Lehman and I had to move under cover at the CLSB, Collaborative Life Sciences Building where we are painting. Here is a video of my painting over a pink ship. Thanks to acrylic paint.

John Lehman painting in front of CLSB.

Brooks' Tilikum Crossing painting.

View from CLSB bike stands.

John Lehman painting watercolor.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Painting October Market in Shemanski Square Portland Oregon October 12, 2016

Painting October Market colors at Shemanski Square today at Wednesday Market Portland Oregon. John Lehman joined me at the Market. Lots of shoppers out buying the last of the vegetables and the first of the apples. 

John Lehman looking for a painting spot.

John Lehman painting

Shemanski Fountain

Brooks' painting of "October Market"

Painting Benson House on PSU campus October 11, 2016

Painting Benson House on Portland State University Campus. This is PSU's alumni center. The leaves are just starting to turn on the bright sunny day in Portland.  John Lehman and Paul Lockhart were also painting the Benson House. Lots of students on campus.

Brooks' painting of Benson House

Paul Lockhart

John Lehman

Paul's oil pastel of Benson House.

Beautiful campus views.

October colors are starting.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Willamette Falls paint-out at the WSO Convention October 8, 2016

Watercolor Society of Oregon convention in Oregon City on Saturday required a paint-out at Willamette Falls. Sandra Pearce led this paint-out on the cool misty morning. Thanks Sandra
Here are a few painters at the paint-out, and their paintings. 
Sandra Pearce and our leader.

View of Willamette Falls...stunning.

Sandra and Moya Lehman.
Video of Sandra Pearce painting "Falling Water"

John Lehman

Michael Porter and his painting

Michael's painting of Willamette Falls

Sandra's painting of "Falling Water"

Brooks' painting of Willamette Falls

Video of Brooks painting the falls.